Visitors Guide To Victoria, BC

Known as the ‘City of Gardens‘ Victoria offers visitors a natural beauty that lasts year round.  Victoria is the capital city of British Columbia located on Vancouver Island and offers visitors a touch of old English.  From whale watching to romantic horse carriage tours of the city, Victoria has it all.  Be sure to take to time to explore all that this city has to offer..Welcome to Victoria!!

British Columbia’s island capital since 1868 is a city that exudes the quintessential appeal of old England. Afternoon tea at The Empress is the tradition, and a perfect refresher after you’ve explored the myriad antique and specialty shops that surround Victoria’s Inner Harbour – a photographer’s heaven. Include a visit to the 20 hectare (50 acre) world famous Butchart Gardens, and be sure to make time for the Royal British Columbia Museum, where you’ll find some of the most imaginative displays ever staged, along with world class touring exhibitions. 

Nicknamed the “City of Gardens”, Victoria is full of conservatories, year-round horticulture centres, rose gardens and more. Butchart Gardens certainly sets the standard as Victoria’s best, although an impressive second are the gardens at Government House, home to the lieutenant governor, the Queen’s representative in British Columbia. Come early spring (when the rest of Canada is still under winter’s wrap), Victoria’s cloaked in a landscape of magnificent blossoms. And in summer, ask about tours of private gardens. Every one is a spectacular display of personal expression – an artist’s canvas of Victoria’s green thumb brigade.

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Difference between Bulletproof Vehicles and Standard Cars
Armored & Bulletproof Vehicles

Difference between Bulletproof Vehicles and Standard Cars

Opposed to the popular belief, armored vehicles or bulletproof vehicle are only meant for the important personnel’s like politicians or celebrities, who wants to avoid the inquisitive eyes of the media and public. However, the notion is totally wrong. As armored vehicles or bulletproof cars are being used by various organizations and institutions, in order to transport precious or cash from one location to another.

Security is a national concern of any country. One cannot deny the fact that a wide range of security measures are taken for ensuring the security and safety of important persons. Studies have shown that the utilization of bulletproof vehicles like cars, trucks, etc are increasingly used for safe transportation of goods and as well as individuals.

There are many armored vehicles manufacturing companies who are coming up with a wide range of armored vehicles by catering to the needs of the people. Basically, they design the vehicles taking into consideration all the safety features so that it can easily meet the safety standards.

Bulletproof cars or vehicles are designed in such a way that it can withstand extreme temperatures. In fact, they can easily take away the occupants from the place of attack safely. Well it can be stated that bulletproof cars vastly differ from a standard car.

bulletproof vehicle

Important Pointers

Bulletproof vehicles can function on deflated tires

Armored vehicles like armored vans or trucks are designed in such a way that it can even move ahead at a great speed on deflated tires. This can help to transport a person or a precious item safely, in the event of the vehicle being attacked.

Steel Bumpers

Steel bumpers can be used to destroy roadblocks.

Bulletproof Vehicles Are Sufficiently Armed

Armored vehicles are adequately armed in order to protect the passengers. For example, it can contain a bar railing in between the driver’s seat and passenger compartment.

If you are wondering how you must go through rest of the blog.

Raw Materials

There is huge difference in raw materials that goes into the creation of a bulletproof car that makes it armored. All the exterior part of the vehicles is made of galvanized and stainless steel. These materials make the vehicle a safe means of transport. Studies have shown that the steel is safe from any kind of rust. They are hardened to make it ballistic resistance.


For standard cars, sleek design and safety is given equal level of importance. However, sometimes one can gain antecedence over others. But for the manufacturing of armored or bulletproof vehicle, the main objective is always the safety of the valuables or the passengers. Care is taken to make the vehicle ballistic resistance. Hardened steel and bulletproof glass is usually used. However, the thickness level of the glass or the steel depends on the level of resistance required. Well, one will not get to see bulletproof glass or hardened steel, for standard cars.

The advancement of technology has made it possible to make the vehicles lightweight while making it strong and resistant. A bulletproof car or a truck can ensure safety and security of the people.

Party on the wheels on a party bus
Party Bus

Party on the wheels on a party bus

Party bus are one of the most unique ways to spice up your special day and party with your special ones. One of the biggest advantage of renting a party bus is that you start partying as soon as you step inside the bus. With the surround sound and the club lights, you won’t even have to get off and you can have a splendid time dancing and rejoicing to the occasion.

Limo Services Are Always Great For Every Occasion
Limousine Services & Rentals

Limo Services Are Always Great For Every Occasion

There are many occasions that warrant the need of a rental limo. The great thing about limousines is that there are many types and sizes available and each is perfect for some occasion or another. If you are looking forward to a special day when you, your family or friends will all get together for an unforgettable evening of merrymaking, make sure that transportation is not left up to chance.

The more is the specialness of the occasion, more so why you should hire a luxurious limo right away. Limos generally come with a well-stocked bar and delicious refreshments which can be enjoyed by the guests. Or they can just lounge back on the comfortable and plump leather seats and stay entertained with by the laser displays, state-of-the-art LCD screens and stereo sets. Given below are some occasions for which airport limo Toronto rentals make the best transportation option:

limo service Toronto


Weddings and limos have become a somewhat golden pair. Weddings are as special events go and both the bride and the groom want to make sure that it is a memorable event which will be clearly remembered by their guests. On this note, there is no better way to make the day memorable than have the bridal party arrive in a beautiful white stretch limo. At some weddings, a limo is hired to take the bride and the groom to the airport for their honeymoon flight after the reception.

Bachelor or Bachelorette Parties

A bachelor or bachelorette party signifies the end of an era in a person’s life. No matter how much you try, things change after your best friend gets married. Therefore, the least you can do is celebrate the last few days of their single life by throwing them a party they will never forget. Limousine buses can themselves be used as the party venue as with the bar, entertainment features, and effects like laser displays make them look nothing short of a party room. On the other hand, they are the best transport to take you to the actual party.

Prom Nights

For many young people, prom is the single most important school event, one that they are likely to remember for the rest of their lives. You can make this night even more special by arranging for a limo to drive you and your friends to the venue. Parents can rent a limo to make sure that their children are picked up and dropped safely.

Theatre Trips

It doesn’t always have to be someone’s wedding or a party to rent a limo. Luxury vehicles can also be hired for a trip to catch a favorite play or ballet with your friends. With all of dressed to the nines, travelling in a luxury limo, and drinking sparkling champagne the night is sure to be luxuriously magical.